New Book: Pets

February 16, 2021


My cats Niko and Purrogi are extra excited about this new book: Pets! This book is for animal lovers, whether they already have a pet or are trying to convince their family they’re ready for the responsibility. It’s filled with quizzes, advice, crafts, and stories to help kids learn everything they need to know about getting a pet, taking care of it, and giving it as much love as possible. Niko and Purrogi gave it two paws up!

While spending so much time at home, more families than ever are adopting animals from shelters. That’s great news for pets and their human companions. Studies show that touching a pet can improve your emotional health and well-being, which is extra important during a scary and lonely pandemic. Niko and Purrogi are pandemic kitties themselves, and they’ve brought so much cuddling and silliness to my household. Whether you’ve just adopted a pet or are thinking about bringing a furry, feathery, or scaly friend home, take a look at this very fun book.

New Book: Love the Earth

December 31, 2020

Love the Earth

I’m so excited to share Love the Earth with you! This advice book helps kids learn why climate change is a problem and how they can use their unique passions and talents to make a difference. It’s chock-full of quizzes, crafts, activities, and some of the cutest illustrations you’ll ever see in a climate change book.

Every day during this project, I learned something new and surprising about climate change. For example, did you know that educating girls is one of the best ways to combat climate change, according to Project Drawdown? (That definitely made this project feel worthwhile!) And did you know that just 100 companies are responsible for over 70% of greenhouse gas emissions since 1988, according to CDP? In other words, fighting climate change is going to take a lot more than putting our plastic bottles in the recycling bin, despite what big companies want us to think.

My favorite pages feature real girls working hard to make the earth a better place. I had so much fun researching and talking to real girls like Lexine, an eleven-year-old girl standing up for the Gwich’in way of life in Alaska, and thirteen-year-old Genesis, who fights climate change through a vegan diet. The youth climate movement is powerful, and I hope this book can inspire even more young people to speak up and make a difference.